If you have landed here, you are probably sick of the latest Google algorithmic updates, have lost faith in most SEO practices and simply want a method which works.

The problem with the Search Engine Optimization industry is that it is full of contradictory advice. This has caused people to use sub-par tactics which are frowned upon by the search engines, leading to a lot of websites getting penalized and de-indexed.

We personally believe that SEO is still very rewarding if you use legitimate white-hat tactics to reach the top of the search engines.

Let a Leading Online Marketing Consultant Reveal His "Unique" SEO Method Which Gets Websites Ranked On Google Page 1 With An 83% Success Rate, Irrespective of Future Algorithmic Changes...

I have a very effective guarantee in place: Normally clients see great results within 3 months. If, after 3 months, you are not satisfied, we will work on your website promotion for free till you see results.

Learn why our white-hat SEO method keeps working irrespective of algorithmic changes..

Get educated on what works in the world of SEO in 2015. Learn how our method consistently brings websites on the top of search engine listings while other SEO vendors fail to deliver results.

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  • Ideal For Local Businesses

    Our white-hat system has consistently ranked local business websites on Page 1 of leading search engines.

  • Based on Extensive Testing

    Our system currently ranks 400+ websites on Google page 1. This system is based on actual statistics & testing of various variables.

  • 100% White-hat Method

    Our SEO method fully complies with search engine guidelines & refrains from tactics which are frowned upon.

That being said, you are probably wondering who I am and why should you be listening to me in the first place.

Well, let me introduce myself.

My name is Yasir Khan and I am a well-known SEO consultant.

I have generated over $2 million in sales using just SEO methods in the last 4.5 years.

You can look up my name online to see I have started many different businesses & have used SEO extensively to generate multiple streams of income for my companies and for my clients.

I have been in the SEO industry for 5 years now and I have seen things change dramatically over the last couple of years.

The problem with SEO is that it keeps evolving, which means that if you are using a "new" or "flashy" tactic today, it might not work tomorrow (or might even get your website penalized).

However, the fundamentals of SEO have remained EXACTLY the same.

Understanding this ONE fact will help you start over and use a system which works every single day & continues to deliver results.

However, let's backtrack a little bit.

Nod Your Head If You Agree..

  • Do you get sucked in by a new "revolutionary" SEO service & use it only to see your website sandboxed?
  • Have you been using link building software such as SENuke X in the past, only to realize that your target website has totally tanked and lost all traffic?
  • Does every single "new" SEO method make you cringe & lose even more hope?
  • Do you keep on consistently checking your rankings every day, dreading the Google penalty?
  • Have you paid $100s or even $1000s to renowned SEO companies without getting anything in result?

If these points ring a bell, you are among 95% of people out there who are still trying to find a suitable way to increase their website's exposure, traffic and sales but have failed.

Sad, I know..

However, stay on this page & I will tell you all you need to do in order to have a thriving business using just SEO.


Some Unfortunate Results Of Using The Wrong SEO Tactics

The sad fact is that Google (and other search engines) keep changing their algorithm every couple of months, which means that trying to "game" the system will almost always result in penalties.

Here are some examples of webmasters losing big as a result of sub-par SEO tactics:

  • An e-commerce store which was generating $49,121 in revenue monthly lost all rankings and the business had to file for bankruptcy
  • A single mom owned a dog clothes store which lost rankings & sales plummeted to 20% of their original level
  • Google Penguin wiped out a legal website which was generating 33 client calls a month. The site isn't even indexed now
  • A retired army veteran used to make a full-time living selling furniture through his website. The site is now de-indexed.

These examples go on and on but I am sure you get the idea.

By now you are probably itching to know what makes us different.

How I Cracked The SEO Code..

Truthfully speaking, there really isn't a code to crack in the SEO world.

All you have to do is try to understand what the websites ranking at the top are doing & mimic their approach.

However, doing so isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world.

Since I didn't have enough data on how search engines operated, I had an idea.

I partnered up with a well-known marketing consultant who already was extremely successful in ranking websites.

Let's call him Mr. X..

Mr. X has 100s of his clients' websites in his system, ranked on page 1 for a lot of keyword terms, all using the same method.

He has a lot of data behind his approach and his SEO system has seen 2-3 major algorithmic updates and has stood the test of time.

The amazing thing was that even Google's latest algorithmic changes, the Penguin and Panda update didn't hit his websites.

If anything, most of his websites were ranking where they were and some of them started ranking high.

I then realized that the key to getting websites ranked in Google was to use a system which already had a lot of success behind it.

Websites From Different Niches Ranking on Page 1 of Google

A lot of SEO companies make bold claims but are not able to back them up.

Well, we are very different.

We know our method works because we currently have 400+ websites ranking on Google page 1 for competitive keywords.

This includes dental offices, lawyers, chiropractors, e-commerce stores, pet stores, homeopathic doctors, gaming and even pharmaceutical websites.

Since we know where these websites are ranking and what is making them "rank", all we need to do is keep tweaking our system in order to keep it up to date.

You can keep searching online but you will not find many other SEO companies with a similar track record.

Our White-Hat Method Makes Algorithmic Updates Irrelevant

Yes, I understand that sounds far-fetched but it is actually true.

Allow me to explain.

As long as you are promoting your website 100% in accordance with the search engines' guidelines, even major algorithmic updates will never hurt or penalize your domain.

Generally speaking, whenever websites get penalized or are sandboxed, the SEO company behind them is doing something "fishy" or "spammy".

Since we use a 100% white-hat method which keeps on showing results, you can rest assured that ALL future Google updates will never impact your site negatively.

Here's the best part: In the last 2 years, we have NEVER had a website penalized or sandboxed using our system.


Because we only use techniques which work and are looked upon as 100% natural.

What Google Needs To See In Order To Rank Your Website On Page 1..

Since we have many websites ranking on Google Page 1, we know what search engines want to see in order to reward your site with the top rankings.

You can spend 1000s of hours visiting and reading the latest SEO posts, but the paragraph below will help you fully understand what you need to do in order to get Google to "like" and "rank" your website on Page 1:

  • Search engines want to see unique, relevant content on the website along with optimized meta tags and a decent loading time
  • Search engines rewards websites with a 99.999% uptime
  • Search engines reward websites which get relevant links from authority sites at a steady pace
  • Search engines penalize backlinks which have too many of the same anchors
  • Search engines reward websites which have diversified anchors since that reflects a natural backlink profile
  • Search engines almost always frowns upon huge surges in link building, unless you already are an authority site
  • Search engines raise red flags if only the homepages are built links to, to the exclusion of inner pages
  • Search engines dislike spammy and low quality links.

Why Our SEO System Has a 83% Success Rate

Simply put, our "unique" SEO approach ensures that we build high quality backlinks to your site in a manner which looks organic.

Since we have a lot of data & statistics on our side, we know for a fact that this method will keep working down the road as well.

  • Our SEO system uses relevant backlinks from authority websites in order to improve your domains trust and rankings
  • We build a lot of generic anchor texts such as "click here", "go to our website", "go here now" etc. in order to mimic a totally natural link building behaviour
  • Our link building started slow and steadily increases over time ensuring that no red flags are raised
  • We build links to not only the homepage of your website but also to 4 other URLs, ensuring that you get ranked for multiple pages
  • Our unique SEO system automatically gets you ranked for "other" relevant keyword phrases so you get more traffic through the search engines
  • Our link building practices have helped over 400 websites reach Page 1 of Google for fairly competitive keyword terms
  • Our SEO system studies your market niche & builds links according to it

Multiple Pages & Multiple Keywords

This part is very important.

Unlike "other" SEO methods, we do not just build links to your homepage.

We build links to 3-5 pages on your website and our hopes are to get it ranked for 10-15 keywords EACH.


Because doing so gives you more value, since if you are ranked for multiple keywords, you get a lot more targeted traffic & sales.

But there's another reason.

Websites which get backlinks built to multiple pages (instead of just the homepage) and use multiple keywords as anchors per page, get looked at favorably by search engines.

Therefore our aim is to ensure that we never rely on one page of the website or on a handful of keywords.

Some of our clients have their websites ranked for over 50 keywords and are loving it!

How It Works

Getting your website ranked with us is extremely easy.

All you have to do is fill out the quote request form, which will allow us to analyze your website & send you a price estimate.

All we need are 5 URLs and one keyword phrase per URL and we will get started.

Our "Unique" Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple: You will see good results with our SEO system within 3 months.

If by any chance you aren't happy with the results after 3 months, we will work on your website for free till we get you ranked on Page 1 for multiple keyword terms.

Limited Spots - Depends On Availability

Currently, the number of websites we can promote is 200.

This isn't a sleazy marketing gimmick - it is a verifiable fact.

Our system isn't exactly scalable since we always try to get the best backlinks for our clients so they see good results.

Currently, our link building system cannot take on more than 200 websites.

At the time of writing this sales letter, 130 spots have already been taken.

This means that if you place an order with us but the spots are gone, we will promptly refund your payment.

Our apologies for the inconvenience in advance.

Client Testimonials

We have 155 more testimonials but we cannot put all of them on this page for obvious reasons.

IMPORTANT: Some Ranking Examples

We have a lot of ranking examples to show you but this page can only hold so many.

As always, our goal is to get you ranked at the top for competitive keywords relating to your business so you get customers and sales on auto-pilot.

Here are only a few examples:

Example 1: A dentist in Tijuana

This dentist is our client and has 5+ websites ranking for ALL his keyword phrases on Page 1 of Google, which means that he is getting 90% of all dental inquiries to his website while his competition suffers. Take a look at his rankings:

Example 2: A Carpet Cleaning Company in La Crosse

This client has 15+ page 1 rankings in Google which means that he is getting at least 40% of all local inquiries directly to his inbox. All he has to worry about now is fulfilling those orders.

Example 3: Lawyer in Parksville

This lawyer has 10+ listings on Page 1 for a variety of his practice areas. He is dominating his local market and all client inquiries are received by him since he has outranked most of his competition.

Example 4: Dance Studio in Scottsdale

This dance studio is a franchise across US & Canada and we have ranked it for 50+ listings on Page 1 across both countries. This has helped him dramatically increase his business.

Example 5: Moving Company in Miami

This moving company is now ranking across the board for nearly all its keyword phrases for the city of Miami. They are receiving at least 50% of the total customer inquiries and our system has helped them dramatically increase their business profitability.

Example 6: Birth and personal injury lawyer in Indiana

We have ranked this lawyer in an extremely competitive market on Page 1 of Google for 30+ keyword phrases, which have helped him close a many more clients. Each client on average brings him $3000-$15,000 per case so his profitability is huge.

Example 7: A Car Sales Office in Edmonton

We have ranked an entire car showroom in Edmonton for extremely competitive keywords within 3 months. They are now on Page 1 for 30+ keyword phrases and it has added a lot to their profitability. In fact, this particular client is now getting us to set up 3 more websites so we can get them ranked too!

We have many more ranking examples since we are literally dominating Google and other search engines for fairly competitive terms.


Want More Proofs of Rankings?

As mentioned above, we have 400+ websites ranked on Page 1 of leading search engines for competitive terms so we have all the proof you need in order to be convinced of our services.

However, for obvious reasons, we are not able to share the screenshots of rankings on this website.

If you'd like to see actual ranking reports for our clients, please use the Contact Us page to demand ranking proof and we will be happy to send it to you.

Our SEO System Is Ideal For Local Businesses

After intensive testing of our system, we have come to know that local business websites are ideal candidates.

Simply put, our SEO method quickly gets local business sites ranked on Page 1 and in some cases, they are even outranking establishing websites.

Here's why:

  • Keywords with city modifiers (i.e. dentist in Chicago) are easier to rank than national or generic keywords
  • Local business websites do not need a lot of content in order to get ranked
  • Local business sites, when ranked for the right keywords can result in huge business increases

Who We Work With

Well, we work with everyone (for the most part).

We currently have 120+ webmasters, 5 marketing agencies & 2 corporations as our clients.

  • Webmasters

    Own a site which can use more visitors & sales? We can help you get it ranked in 3 months or less.

  • Local Business Owners

    Own a business in a certain city? Don’t worry, we will get your site ranked & get you customer inquiries on auto-pilot

  • Marketing & SEO Agencies

    Want to outsource your work to us? We provide a result-based guarantee & can also provide white-labeled reports.

Contracts & Pricing

To start off, we have no contracts.

Unlike other SEO firms, we do not try to bind our clients in a contract which would put them in an uncomfortable position.

That being said, every client is different so the pricing strategy varies as well.

Generally speaking, more competitive and generic terms need more investment and a longer time frame to see results.

Here's an idea of what we are charging our clients depending on their niche and keywords:

  • A dentist in Tijuana is being charged $600 per month and he is on Page 1 for the keywords "dental implants Tijuana"
  • A Chicago personal injury lawyer is on position 5 in Google and is being charged $1200 per month
  • A spa in Toronto is being charged $400 per month
  • A divorce lawyer in Houston is being charged $800 per month
  • An e-commerce store selling wholesale furniture is being charged $1400 per month
  • A dance franchise in the US is paying $2000 per month and is ranked on position 1 across the board
  • A bail bond website in Fresno is ranking on Page 1 for $400 per month

In almost every case, when the website gets ranked on Google Page 1, the benefit in terms of sales & profitability always outweighs the SEO cost by a huge factor.

My 15 Minute No-Obligation Phone Call Offer

Still not convinced we are the way to go?

No problem, with all the "noise" in the SEO industry, I can understand your reservations.

For this reason, I am offering a 15 minute no-obligation call with me so I can analyze your website & answer your questions directly over the phone.

Most clients get convinced as soon as they talk to me on the phone so I would like to help you out as well.

If you'd like to get in touch, please click the button below to enter your contact details.

Request a QuoteNo-obligation 15 minute phone call

P.S. You can continue searching for the "right" SEO service but with the amount of noise there is in this industry, you will never be successful.

I suggest allowing me 15 minutes of your time so I can answer your questions & help remove any objections you might have.

I always pride myself in standing behind products & services which are extremely effective & I would like to help you out as well.

So click the link above & enter your details and I will follow up with a call shortly.


To your success,

Yasir Khan

Owner of SERPability.com