Why Google Website Ranking Is Important?


Are you thinking about your Google website rankings?

Many website owners don’t know how to find out how high or low they rank with Google even if they know that this is fairly important. To know your rank, it is highly recommended that you check your Google website ranking at Google’s ranking website. The said website will be able to help you check how far you have come in the past months or even years.

Those who are new with search engine optimization are lost about what Google website ranking is. There are lots of techniques and methods to help improve website rankings. One is put the right keywords in the right places. Second is to know how many times you should repeat a targeted keyword.

The definition of Google website ranking is simple. It is the rank or position of your website on Google. Unlike in other search engines, optimizing your website are one method to rank higher in Google. You don’t need to pay for anything to be in the first page of search engine because you only have to depend on organic searches to be on the first rank. The more experienced you are, the higher your Google website ranking will be.

Back when the internet is not yet as advanced as it is now, search engines were not able to find out which websites and articles did keyword stuffing. Today however, keyword stuffing and link spamming will no longer help you in increasing your ranking.

You can’t do this anymore though because search engines now check articles to determine if they make sense or not. According to SEO experts, the key here is to intricately include the main keywords in sentences that actually make sense.

Other tools and methods

Apart from using the right targeted keywords and putting them in right places, there are other tools or methods you can use to rank higher than your competition.

One method is to link with high quality websites. There’s no software that can do this for you though, so you have to do it manually. This is definitely time consuming because you would have to email lots of website owners and ask them to link with you. Out of maybe a hundred websites, only a few will answer back to your request but that’s alright because you have to start somewhere right?

One thing that you must assure of however is to tell them you love the content of their website and then ask them if they would be interested in linking with your site. This is what SEO experts call a link exchange. Webmasters and website owners are not forced to respond to your emails though because if they don’t want to link with your website, you really can’t do anything about it.