Which is better PPC or SEO


With SEO and PPC sometimes seen as natural foes, it would be helpful to match the twoagainst each other and know which is right for different situations.

1. Which gives a better return on investment?

It offers more long term ROI. If you get a first page ranking and stay there, you rake more consistent income and more permanence within the search engines.

This generally gives a better ROI. Nonstop algorithm updates, new rivalry, less data and the need to create excellent content has made SEO more costly.
SEO takes time and time is money. PPC provide more quick results and if you master AdWords Enhanced Campaigns you can boost conversions with least investment.

2. Which is better for conversions?

If done well, SEO will produce more traffic providing you are ranking well in the search engine.

With PPC, you can target a number of commercial keywords and create individual ads with unique ‘calls to action’.Social, email, review and phone extensions can aid you transform users instantly, giving PPC the stronger conversion rate.

3. Which is better for short term wins?

A high quality, fresh and informative content for SEO can help you generate quick win in terms of visitors and social exposure if it’s done properly.

PPC can be better when it comes to short term wins by simply turning the taps on and immediately get good results. SEO marketing strategy needs to be planned carefully and in advanced while PPC campaign can be converted on to target real time trends.

4. Which is better for building a brand?

SEO offers the full package – brand recognition, online brand awareness and brand promotion.
Both are important for building a brand or company but SEO is probably more effective. To build a brand you must have a strong following with great brand visibility. Big companies and brands need Page One Domination and this can only be accomplished with SEO.

5. How would you vie in a cutthroat niche with your channel?

You must be relevant and get in front of your target audience.
All the best SEO techniques come into play assure you are aggressive, especially ascertaining technically your site is working properly and all the on page elements are in place.
You must assure your content is unique and interesting. Create content that people will love to read and share. Set up a blog and become an authority in your niche.

To compete in an aggressive niche, you need to have a great Quality Score. Create specific landing pages for all the top converting targeted keywords. This will boost your Quality Score and lessen the Cost per Click.