What SEO Methods Still Effectively Works in 2014

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SEO really changed a lot during recent years because of the increasingly dynamic stance taken by Google. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update have greatly changed the SEO game leaving web marketers thinking about the currently most effective SEO methods. So what technique and approaches still work in 2014? This is what we will be looking at in this article.

Quality Content

The web will not be discovered or noticed that it exists if there is was no content and thus quality content will always be important when it comes to ranking your web business in major search engines especially in Google. You have to make sure that all your content are well-written, informative and do important value to your page visitors and targeted audience. Google is apparently interested to give a great user experience and it is your responsibility to make sure that the content on your website is interesting and useful to the visitors.

Back Links Still Work

Google algorithm still depends on links to rank websites and it is only the method you use to get those links that need to be changed. Gone are the days where you could hundreds or even thousands of links on blog networks or on some useless sites. Doing this will leave you open to the dreaded message in webmasters tool. Assure that other webmasters link to your site naturally and not through methods that Google really love to hate.

Social Signal

It is considered that Google is placing more and more importance on social signals. So it might be relevant that you have right social media presence and that you make it easy for your page visitors and targeted audience to share your content on the social media profiles. Be sure that you having sharing buttons to the major social media sites and that you update your social media pages habitually.

User experience

As aforementioned above, it is crucial that you give right attention to your visitors experience on your website. You have to pay attention to your bounce rate metrics and the amount of time spent on your website. You might also want to guarantee that your website loads quickly as this is a factor that Google takes into consideration when it comes to ranking a website and establishing an online presence.

Though, there have been so many changes in the SEO world during recent times, SEO are still the best and most effective methods when it comes to generating quality traffic for your business website. The secret is to know what works and what not in 2014. You should not trust everything that is on the web and assure that you test each and every method and make your own conclusions.