What Kind of Links Should You Get

best backlinksAny link that sends your traffic could be considered as good link, but what are quality links, what are good links and what are crap links, when it comes to boosting the real ranking of your own pages in Google search engine rankings?

1. Your internal links

Not the most crucial links, but the best place to begin. Get your website in order before you get links. Google loves good site structure with lots of text links pointing to each page on your site. Don’t overlook to link you important pages often, make sure they are get crawled by web spiders and indexed by Google.

2. Links on mainstream and authority sites

Links from reliable websites are the holy grail because they are a number of vote of trust as well as they have lots of links to them

3. Related industry site

The objective of SEO and excellent quality, but depends on the site, niche and the kind of link can be very beneficial typically, they too numerous links.

4. Link on a high PR old style aged trusted page

These are the university or government resource page, you are lucky if you are able to link with these authority websites.

5. Links from unrelated but non abusive sites

This depends on the site and the type of link – can be very advantageous for increasing your Google ranking & PR

6. Social media site links

7. Link on useful links page

It’s all dependent on the objective of that page in question and the quality of the site it is on.

8. Reciprocal links

These kinds of links are often abused but sometimes just a natural part of the link graph, it’s done with user experience in mind

Links that needs to be Avoided:

Dofollow Blog Comments – PENALTY MATERIAL

Site wide links and blogrolls

They are usually low quality in terms of anchor text conversion. They are used to be good for PR conversion but not nearly as effective as it used to be.

Article submission and syndication services – PENALTY MATERIAL

Directory Links – PENALTY MATERIAL

Forum Signatures

They are generally low quality, dependent on page and forum, perhapsreliant on numerous links.


Unnatural Site WideLinks – PENALTY MATERIAL

Blog Networks, Directory networks and just about any other type of link network

Any Unnatural Links – They are potential Penalty Material

Paid Links – Of any sort (if you are rumbled)