Top 3 Reasons How Search Has Changed In 2014

Search Has Changed In 2014It is time to deliberate the top 3 reasons how search has changed in 2014:

  1. Content marketing is king.

One of the most famous saying in SEO is “Content is King.”

While it is true, we want to make a case for content over against the rather weak “content” alone. Content marketing has a strong connotative meaning, and recalls more than just optimized titles and 800 words of content on a home page.

Content marketing outplays SEO in the orthodox sense because conventional SEO doesn’t help you increase your website ranking but rather keeps you from doing worse.

  1. SEO and PR have combined.

You cannot expect to “practice SEO” without thinking of PR. This is especially true for people – who are entrepreneurs, investors and niche professionals. Their public standing has everything to do with the optimization of their web presence.

Today’s small business and digital marketing professionals must learn and understand how PR and SEO have joined to create a socially aware and digitally flexible public presence.

Yes, SEO methods and PR technique definitely go together.

That’s why SEO and PR belong in the same category. That is why SEO and PR need to be considered not as two separate aspects, but as two sides of the multifaceted polygon known as “digital marketing.”

  1. The algorithm is cleverer.

Digital years are like dog years. You have to think of one as same to like ten. Based on that math, Google is now 160 years old.

At the present, the algorithm is smarter. If you 160 years old, you would probably be pretty intelligent, too.

We have seen and experience the algorithm dozens of times. May be you have recount the days when all it took was some good ol’ fashioned keyword stuffing and a number of spammy directory links, and bam you were in the first place on the first page of major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Now, the algorithm is shrewder and more complex than our guesses and predictions. Recent algorithms rollouts have presented a more instinctive search process.There is no such thing as “tricks” that is effective over the long run.

In one example of the revolutionary twist of search science course, co-ocurence and co-citation are proving true value. The whole idea of “linkbuilding” may be going the way of other SEO dinosaurs. (Like “keyword density.” Remember that? Ha.)

At this time, the algorithm is wise. And we must give attention its clever control over search.