The Big 3 Changes in SEO


The world of SEO is in constant observation from changes made by the major search engines especially Google. With Google recently turning to even manual penalties to control spamming, SOE experts now expect changes every time they are online. The constant changes have also resulted to the spread of different rumors, even fuelling speculations of the death of SEO. People with experience in the field will know that coffins for SEO have been predicted at earlier times too and just like every time, SEO disavowed to die. But, there have been a few important changes in the way SEO works, especially after the Hummingbird update and the war on Spam Links.

The top 3 ways in which SEO has primarily changed over the years have been examined below.

Link Building

Some of the most extreme changes that have happened are in the ways that backlinks are created. In the earlier days, inbound links were placed manually by the SEO professionals. The links were supposed to be placed at the authority websites only. But, since the number of links have a direct bearing on the PageRank in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), the SEO’s were soon interested and attracted to use the unethical ways of building links everywhere they could! To make matters worse, software engineers joined the game and structured programs that could place links automatically, taking the link building game to a whole new level. Google responded early in 2014 and imposed heavy penalties on such cases.


Keywords are the major structure of contention between SEO executives and content writers. Any writer worth his/her salt felt strange every time the language suffered because of the demands of the keywords. Hummingbird came to the rescue with its capability to predict the search phrase. With the attention changing from the density of the keywords to the interest shown by the readers and visitors, writers now write for the users and no longer for the search engine’s bots. SEO now targets optimizing the content for real people and not for the spiders and crawlers.

Primary Traffic Sources

In the initial period of eCommerce, the majority of the traffic was achieved from the search engines. Therefore, the first page of the major search engines especially Google became holy land for SEO and they stopped at nothing from targeting it. The popularity of social media platforms changed the scenario and the new methods bring a major share of the traffic from them. There is no longer a requirement of putting all the eggs in the same basket.

The above are the 3 major ways in which the techniques, used by the SEO services, have been affected by the changes made by the search engines.