3 SEO Tools You Should Be Using

seo tools that will boost your site traffic overnight

I’m writing today to let you in on one of the SEO industry’s biggest secrets. The best SEO marketing professionals know quite a few things that the average person doesn’t, but this is one of their most important pieces of SEO knowledge.

The best SEO professionals know that you can’t do SEO on your own. Without a few tools and techniques to help you better understand and observe how your SEO related actions are impacting your site, there’s no way for you to be truly successful with SEO.

Luckily, there are quite a few great SEO tools out there. These tools can help you with various aspects of SEO, from keyword research to checking your site’s design. Even better, many of these tools are free and simple.

If you become highly invested in SEO, the more expensive and advanced tools are better. These are the types of tools we often use on your behalf here at SERP Ability. However, some of the simpler, free tools are great too. This is especially true for beginners. Also, we and other SEO professionals rely on a few free tools as well. Sometimes, the free option really is the best.

Here are three free SEO tools that are sure to give your SEO a boost. Most are fairly simple to use, too! If you take the time to get to know what these tools do and how they work, you’re sure to find SEO success.

1. Xenu LinkSleuth

This free and easy to use tool will spot any broken links on your site. Broken links make your site much harder for Google’s spiders (AKA the Googlebot) to crawl. If your website is hard to crawl, it won’t rank very well on Google.

Although this isn’t necessarily an everyday use tool, it’s great to check your links every once in a while. Fixing a few broken links can make a huge difference to your SEO – and it’s fast and easy!

This tool is especially useful for very large sites, or sites that have been active a while.

2. Copyscape

This simple tool allows you to check for copies of your content on the web. It can help prevent others from plagiarizing your material. It can also help you ensure that any work your content writers produce is genuine and original.

3. Google PageSpeed

This simple tool does just what it sounds like it does. That is to say, it measures how quickly your web page loads. Web page load times are important to both user experience and SERP ranking, so this is good information to have.

It’s 100% free and available directly from Google, meaning you can use it worry free. It’s an important part of every SEO professional’s arsenal.


Once you’ve mastered the use of these three very basic SEO and web presence tools, do some research and find more tools. Also, continue reading our blog – one of our writers may post about some more advanced tools sometime in the future.


2014 Best SEO Marketing Techniques to Use


Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult online markets to master if you a service provider is the Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The information and system algorithms are allays changing and making the whole way you rank for search engine places completely different. The techniques and tools you use, the incoming trends and the little corner cutting methods to boost your SEO rank is all something that SEO professional has to learn

If you either provide SEO, or contemplating about offering SEO, or need some SEO work for your business website, then you have to determine what the expected SEO trends are with regards to SEO which help you grow and expand your business, whether that is by getting the quality traffic or by improving service quality to a completely new level.

The following are the SEO marketing trends in 2014 that you must consider in order to grow your business:

Content Management

It is important now, since the change in algorithms over the last few years, to have quality and interesting content. Previously, poor content with no real flow or explanation could pass good backlinks if it was full of keywords and links. Now, this isn’t the case. You are projected to give your users quality, unique content which can give them useful information while building appropriate inbound links in moderation.

ROI and Backlinks

When building quality backlinks across the web, there is more to it than pinning your name across the whole web. Linking a fashion website on a wrestling forum is going to do you very little favor in term of ROI. Solid, high quality backlinks also offer you with better website rankings on major search engines, Alexa and similar websites.

Page Ranking

Page rankings are very important part of the website business. Small business owners and web marketers are extremely mindful of their PageRank. A pagerank is a rating given to your website concerning its quality and how useful and relevant the information on the website is. In 2013, this is changing to an ‘Author Rank’ and an ‘Agent Rank’. This means that your website will be bases on the quality of the whole page, and this decides on the overall ranking of your business website. This means that when hiring high quality writers, you need to make sure that you are talking with quality, dedicated and experienced writers to assure your content is well-optimized and interesting.

SEO is more important than ever to the website’s health and their activity. With a strong online presence, you can establish a powerful and reliable part of your web business which brings in more targeted clients on auto-pilot and can build an extremely valuable part of your business that you hardly even have to work with.