How to Use Social Media to Perfect Your Site’s SEO

social media boosts your seo & chances of being discovered online

Many small business think they can get away with not using social media to promote themselves, but this is not the case – just as many business owners think SEO less effective than “traditional” marketing methods such as TV, radio, or newspaper advertisements, though this is not true.

The fact is that even if you have great SEO, you might not be making the biggest possible impact if you’re not utilizing social media to its fullest potential. Even if the rest of your SEO or SEM package is great, you might not be getting all the customers you possibly could if you combined SEO/SEM with a strong social media presence – because a social media presence compliments SEO.

“How does social media help my SEO?” you might ask. Well, here are the answers.

A strong social media presence can help your SEO by providing valuable backlinks (or “external links”) to your company’s main site. How does this work? It’s simple.

You’ll link your profiles on social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus to your company website directly. This can be easily done during the initial setup of your accounts on these sites.

That provides your main site with a few backlinks and a little more legitimacy. But you can really put your SEO through the roof with the following technique:

Every single time you post new content on your main site (which you should do frequently, perhaps through a blog), share that fresh content (or an excerpt from it) on social media with a link to your main site. This will boost your SERP rankings not only the first time it is posted, but even more with each share, forward, etc.

Why does this happen? I’ll make it simple for you – one of the primary ways Google and other major search engines determine what appears in their SERPs at all and where these things appear in their SERPs is backlinks or external links.

Every time another site links to your site, that’s a backlink or external link. And each and every one of these is considered a sort of “vote” for you by that other site – which makes you appear more legitimate, relevant, and interesting to Google and its competitors in the search engine industry.

Backlinks (or external links) are considered the single most important factor determining where your site lands on a SERP by many prominent SEO experts – and that means that the more backlinks you have to your site, the more customers you’ll get on autopilot.

If you’re interested in creating a major social media presence for your business, please check out major social media outlets like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Instagram. A presence on any of these sites will almost certainly boost your SEO – and will help you in other ways as well, which I’ll be sure to document for you in a future post.

With a strong SEO presence, you’re sure to dominate at SEO – and in the hearts and minds of potential customers everywhere.