Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is your guarantee?

Our guarantee is very simple.

We will work on your website for 3 months. After the 3 months are up, you will see a dramatic difference In your rankings between when we started and what they are after 3 months.

Most of the times, we'll get you ranked near the top of page 1 for your main keyword terms so you start getting a lot of traffic and sales.

If you do not see your website ranked on Google Page 1 after the 3 months are over, please let us know and we will work on the website after that for free, till you start seeing results.

How are you different than the mass majority of SEO companies?

We are totally different. Most SEO companies will shy away from handing out result based guarantees, but our entire business model is focused around guarantees so if you do not see results with our services, you simply ask us or a refund after 3 months.

Our unique ranking system bills relevant links for your website from other authority websites, uses a lot of different and related keyword phrases and ensures that your website gets ranked quickly and easily, for the long-term.

Why can't I just pay after I see results?

We tried using that alternative, but in our opinion, serious customers are only those who pay upfront. Another problem is that for some clients, when we tried to charge them after getting them ranked, their credit cards got declined and they did not answer our phone calls.

Needless to say, you do not lose any money with us when you try out our services, but our policy is to get paid up front.

Are your link building practices compliant with Google guidelines?

Yes. We make sure that everything we do is totally white hat, in compliance with Google guidelines. All the links that we build for your website are unique, relevant and come from authority websites.

We have over 140 customers using the system and there has never ever been a penalty associated with our method.

In fact, we have been able to revive over 13 websites which were penalized a couple of years ago. Now they are ranking on Google page 1 and 2 for fairly competitive keywords.

Are the links permanent?

Yes, the links are permanent, but we do need to keep working on your website every month in order to increase the link count and to keep the rankings moving up.

If you cancel, you can definitely get a refund, but we might even remove some of the links that we place for you in that case.

Does your method work for any website?

Our method works for websites in English only. We have different services for websites which are non-English.

Also, we do not take on any pornographic, adults or Gambling related websites.

What results can I expect with your services?

To be honest, every client is different but most of our clients keep their subscription going because they see really, really good results.

As an example, we have over 22 law firms using our services and they are now ranking at the top in Google for their legal keywords.

We also have over 17 dental clinics using our services and they have many websites ranked near the top which has helped them to acquire patience on autopilot.

What makes your system so successful?

Our system boasts a success rate of over 93%. This means that out of every 100 customers who sign up with us, we are able to get them ranked on Google page 1 within 3 months 93% of the time.

This is unheard of in the SEO world.

Our system is successful because we have partnered up with website owners in many different niches online. This is exactly where the provide you the links from.

No, we do not use any link network. All the links are placed manually and are of high quality.

How can I be sure that I can get my money back if I wanted to?

Well, we are a corporation, which means that our company employs a lot of staff, is registered and is widely acknowledged.

We guarantee that if you request for a refund, we will send you one.

Can I get ranked for other relevant keywords as well?

Well, yes. Our system ensures that you not only get ranked for your primary keywords, but also for 10 to 25 other relevant keywords to, free of charge.

For example, if your primary keyword is divorce lawyer, the will also get you ranked for divorce attorney, best divorce lawyer, affordable divorce lawyer, local divorce lawyer etc. and many, many more.

How do I sign up?

All you have to do is go to the homepage,, depending on your business needs and the competition level and once you sign up, you can send us 5 URLs on your website with one keyword phrase each and he will get started.

Can I talk to anyone on the phone before signing up?

Absolutely! SERP Ability  Thrives on customized and personalized services. The company owner, Yasir Khan labs to talk to prospective customers on the phone. In fact, a 15 minute phone consultation is always provided to you before you sign up.

All you have to do is go to the contact us page and send us your details and he will give you a call.