Does Link Building Still Work

Does Link Building Still Work

Ever since the Google Penguin algorithm updates were implemented and penalized websites for having unnatural backlink profile, thousands of web marketers are worried that link building method is dead and that it is too much of a risk to capitalize in anymore.

But is it true, does link building still work?

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of intentionally going out to find places that will link to your content. Moz’s “Beginner’s Guide to Link Building” calls it “the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

From the very beginning links have been a proved and powerful ranking signal inside Google’s algorithm. They were always seen as a technique of knowing site’s popularity and reliability. They are the staple of what separated Google from all of the other search engines that came before it. Links helped Google distinguish which websites were more famous, as such giving them a simple way to give searchers what they are looking for.

It’s only natural that webmasters did whatever they could to effort and earn more of them such as taking every short cut they could make of. Be at the first position of Google and Yahoo has made many web marketers and business owners very successful and wealthy.

Are Links Still Important?

With all of this being said, you might be interested to consider that links have lost their importance.

Both the numbers and the experts agree that links and link building don’t just still matter — they arevital for anyone who wants to do well online. They are more valuable than they have ever been. They are just tougher to build now.

In 2013, a number of link-based metrics were at the very top of Moz’s search engine rankings correlation study, such as the number of unique c-blocks/IP addresses linking to a page and the number of unique domains linking to a page.

These link metrics beat out others like “body text similarity to keyword” by a massive margin.

Searchmetrics’ more recent 2014 Ranking Factors Study exposed backlinks haven’t lost agrain of importance. In truth, they say they have actually increased as a ranking signal:

“Our results yielded a need for greater emphasis on high-quality, relevant content, technological features, backlinks, and social signals. For the first time, we have analyzed the most important user signals as well.

Also significant is that backlinks remain one of the most highly associated metrics with strong rankings.

[…] The quantity and quality of backlinks remains important as there are many new elements introduced this year that have been changed to better the quality of the results.”

But let’s pull to pieces that statement a bit: Both quantity AND quality remains essential.

And that quality is more important than ever.