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QUESTION: Have you been feeling frustrated with SEO lately? Have you tried literally every online marketing tactic without seeing any ranking results at all? Do you feel as if SEO simply doesn’t work in 2016 anymore?

Well, here’s the brutally honest fact: Article submissions, press release submissions, blog comments & forum profiles are now a thing of the past. In fact, if you use these tactics on brand new domains in order to get them ranked, you will most likely get them spammed, sandboxed and/or de-indexed!

However, there has been an extremely effective way of ranking websites at the top of Google by simply using the raw, unadulterated power of authority websites such as Wikipedia, CNN, BBN,  Stanford, Harvard and so on.

Let Us Reveal Our Unique & Extremely Effective “Authority Siphoning” Method Which Has Enabled Us To Rank 400+ Websites On Google Page 1 (With Irrefutable PROOF Shown Below) - Irrespective Of The Niche They Are In!

Our guarantee is extremely simple: These backlinks are simply one of the best ones which we can EVER provide to you because they come from authoritative domains, are relevant and are highly rewarded by Google.

See, if you do a reverse lookup on the websites ranking at the top of Google in any niche, you will see a trend: These websites have a handful of extremely powerful backlinks coming from sites which simply have sheer authority vouching for them!

So how do we rank you at the top? Simple, we get you backlinks from established relevant, reputable domains which have many authority links pointing to them. These backlinks coming from websites such as Wikipedia, BBC, CNN, Stanford EDU, Harvard EDU,, DMOZ  etc. (see below).

As an example, let’s assume you own a dental website in Augusta, Georgia. In order to get ranked at the top of Google for that city & get all the dental leads from that city, all you have to do is get 5-7 backlinks from other relevant authority dental sites on the web; websites which have these highly coveted Wikipedia, CNN, BBC , GOV and EDU links pointing to them.

Now, before you ask me if the sites are a part of any Private Blog Network, the answer is a resounding NO!

All our domains that we use to get clients’ websites ranked are totally standalone, reside on separate IPs, in different hosting accounts, on different hosting servers. Also, all domains have their WHOIS privacy enabled so there is no chance of having a footprint.



Authority Siphon 1.0

Every single domain we have purchased for link building purposes has these metrics:

A Trust Flow of at least 10 (some go as high as 29!)

A Citation Flow of at least 15 (some go as high as 45!)

In good standing with Google since they have at least 3-10 pages indexed

At least 3 years old (some are even 18 years old!)

They all have their own original & unchanged content on them, some content even ranging back to 1999!

What Our Domain Portfolio Looks Like

We have 300 domains in total

At least 160 of them have a backlink from Wikipedia pointing to them (talk about instant authority)

At least 34 have DMOZ backlinks pointing to them

At least 88 have backlinks from highly reputed EDU sites such as Harvard, Stanford  etc. pointing to them

At least 55 have backlinks from major Chamber of Commerce websites

At least 34 are dental websites, with backlinks from American Dental Association, local dental directories & blogs and major dental publications pointing to them.

At least 44 are legal websites, with backlinks from local legal directories (such as FindLaw) & blogs and major legal publications pointing to them.

At least 55 are photography related websites, with backlinks from photography resources, blogs & exceptionally trafficked forums.

At least 13 are real estate websites, with backlinks from local real estate directories, blogs and resources.

We have many more domains in the general category as well.

Want To See A Sample Of The Powerful Links Pointing To Our Domain Portfolio?

Here are some screenshots which will help illustrate how powerful our domain portfolio is:

This sports related website has a crackin’ link from, an established directory with a TF of 83 and a CF of 74, and having over 56.3 million backlinks pointing to it!

This domain has a high-powered backlink from Wikipedia, one of the most influential sites on the web:

This domain has a link from, a 13 year old site with tons of good links pointing to it. It has a Trust Flow of 46 and Citation Flow of 49:

This alternative medicine website has a backlink from, an established resource with a domain age of over 19 years! It has a Trust Flow of of 54, making a link out to a relevant domain extremely effective!

Remember JoeAnt, one of the premium paid directories? JoeAnt is a 16 year old domain! Well this photography site has a JoeAnt link:

This real estate domain has a link from, a premium realtor resource which is 19 years old!

Do you own a dental site? Well this dental site we own has a link from, a 6 year old resource with a Trust Flow of 43 and with 24,000 links pointing to it:

Any SEOs out there? Well, we have many IM related domains and this particular domain has an excellent link pointing to it from, a renowned SEO resource with 17 years of age to it! has over 232,000 quality links pointing to it:

Another quality domain with top-of-the-line Wikipedia link pointing to it:


Remember, these are just SOME of the examples. We have many, many more.



Want To See Proof Of Results?

Now, every website is different so there are many factors which come into play when rankings are determined by Google.

However, these ranking reports are just a small sample of our clients ranking at the top using the “Authority Siphon” method:

A dentist in Tijuana killing it with just a handful of authority backlinks vouching for his site. He is now getting at least 20 new calls every month from this website.

Another dental website ranking at the very top. This site is getting at least 75 new call-ins every single month using our unique method:

Yet another dental site on Page 1 for fairly competitive keywords within 3 months:

A carpet cleaning website ranking at the top for multiple cities, resulting in over $2000 per month additional business every month.

A lawyer dominating the entire city of Parksville Canada for many keywords, resulting in recurring business:

A dance studio in Scottsdale AZ, literally dominating this city for 20+ dance related keywords, adding up to 20 clients to it every month, on auto-pilot:

A mover in Miami, FL ranking on Page 1 of Google for 15+ keywords, resulting in dramatic increases in his business:

A used car showroom in Edmonton, ranking in the Top 5 for 10+ keywords, resulting in a dramatic increase in monthly business, simply because customers always find him first. No one else stands a chance:


Remember, Google pays less attention to how many links you have pointed to your domain; it pays a lot more attention to the QUALITY and TRUST FLOW of the domains linking to you.

This is why you always see websites ranking at the top with a handful of these backlinks!

Our Monthly "Authority Siphon" Packages:

Since this is a new service that we are rolling out to the public, we currently have 25 spots which offer a hugely discounted pricing.

Once these 25 spots go away, we will increase the price by a factor of at least 2-3X.

Here are the discounted packages:

Client Testimonials

This is what our clients have to say about our services:

We have 155 more testimonials but we cannot put all of them on this page for obvious reasons.

Our “No Brainer” Guarantee:

"These Links Are Simply Top Of The Line"

Our guarantee is simple: Irrespective of the niche that you are in, you will find these backlinks to be the best ones you can get ANYWHERE, which means that your competition simply will NEVER be able to compete with you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is this service & what makes it unique?

Simply put, this service allows you to get relevant, authoritiative backlinks from domains which have sheer & raw authority backing them up. The unique thing about our service is that it shows better results than 99% of other SEO services out there, simply because Google loves to see these backlinks in action.


Is this a private blog network?

NO! The domains we own are not linked to each other & are hosted on different IPs, using different hosting accounts, different content & are in good standing in Google. This isn’t a network but a collection of sites we own for your SEO benefit.


Is this a monthly service?

Yes, you get charged for the service every month if you decide to continue.


Will you send me reporting for where the links have been placed?

Sorry but no. In order to maintain the integrity of our domains, we cannot hand out this information. You will however be able to see the links coming in by using tools such as


Can I buy the links for a one-time payment?

Unfortunately, no. We have spent thousands of dollars procuring these domains so we need to charge for the service monthly in order for the numbers to work for us.


Which websites do you not accept?

We do not work with adult, pharma or gambling related sites. Also, your website should be legitimate & not a thin website for this method to work for you.


Do you offer niche related backlinks?

Yes, since we have over 300 domains, we have something for most niches out there including the dental, legal, home & furniture, photography, real estate, personal finance, news & tourism sites.


Isn’t Google cracking down on these sites?

Well, if they were a part of a blog network, Google would be able to see a footprint and deindex them, but this isn’t a network at all.  There is zero chance for these domains to get into trouble just the way we have set them up.


If I cancel and ask for a refund, will the links stay live?

Nope. Once you cancel and get a refund, we will remove the links and offer them to another client for a monthly charge.


We have many more ranking examples since we are literally dominating Google and other search engines for fairly competitive terms.


Finally, Who We Work With:

  • Webmasters

    Own a site which can use more visitors & sales? We can help you get it ranked in 3 months or less.

  • Local Business Owners

    Own a business in a certain city? Don’t worry, we will get your site ranked & get you customer inquiries on auto-pilot

  • Marketing & SEO Agencies

    Want to outsource your work to us? We provide a result-based guarantee & can also provide white-labeled reports.

How Should I Order?

All you have to do to order is select the right package from the list below & place the order. You can then private message/email us your domain URL along with the top 3 keywords you would like to rank for & we will take care of the rest.

Still Not Convinced?

Still not convinced we are the way to go?

No problem, with all the "noise" in the SEO industry, I can understand your reservations.

For this reason, I am offering a 15 minute no-obligation call with me so I can analyze your website & answer your questions directly over the phone.

Most clients get convinced as soon as they talk to me on the phone so I would like to help you out as well.

If you'd like to get in touch, please click the button below to enter your contact details.

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That's it! Thanks for going through our sales letter.

You either find value in what we have to offer or you don't.

P.S.  This is one of the ONLY fool proof methods we have come across which will continue showing results in the future. Get your hands on these limited packages before the price increases.



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