3 Ways to Adapt and Change to Grow Your Business in 2014

grow your business

There are changes that you can make in your web business to allow it grow and expand for years to come.

1. You need to make a change from interrupt marketing. This is where we interrupt a prospect and push an offer in front of them. With all the interruptions you get today ranging from smartphone, social media, computers, televisions, instant message and the list goes on, it is hard to focus when someone pushes a business offer in front of us. No too long ago when someone called us it was almost a break to speak to someone about an offer but today it is just too disturbing. I think that if we change from this form of marketing we will see clear changes. So what do we do instead?

2. We get back to establishing solid business relationships. It sounds so easy but where do you do this and what about if you like to work from your office or your home without venturing off into the city? Well here is the answer it is called putting yourself in front of your targeted audience so they can see and notice you. One technique is by using social media. There are lots of social networking sites that can be employed for connecting and creating relationships. You must make connection then establish a little credibility and if done right people will asking you what you do and that is where you can present your products or services. Another way is search marketing. This is where you get notice on the search engines and is usually referred to as SEO. When people and targeted audience search for a business, product or service they often go straight to the computer and search in what they are looking for. If your business appears on the first page of search engines chances are you will start to receive calls from them.

3. Now this step is very crucial because it is the missing link that will get people trusting you when you connect with them on social media and they see you with search engine marketing. This would be to make yourself an authority source. Create an article like this one, create a blog, video or whatever else you can do to build trust and get people to feel comfortable with you. When most people discover about social media and search marketing they seem to ignore the most important part and that is assuring you are very visible and people can learn about you. It is hilarious how we are in society because without number 3 we see these people on our social media posting message after message saying buy now, buy now and please buy now. By skipping on number 3 we find ourselves going right back to interrupt marketing.