3 Strategies Which Still Work In 2014

3 killer seo tips

Here are the 3 SEO strategies which still work in 2014:

Creating Quality Content for your Website

Fresh and quality content is not the type of content that is intended to directly market your products. Good content will provide readers enlightening information which will teach ratherthan to promote.

Quality content will surely create a buzz. Content rincludes articles, blog posts, videos, infographics and images.

How to Create a Good Content

Concentrate on up-to-date topics

Create thought-provoking and interesting pieces of content

Choose a story-telling tone when writing content

Give emphasisto stories which people can connect with

Think of questions that your target audience would be interested

Always post valuable information

Always publish latest information especially when it’s most needed

Regularly post content to maintain a loyal readership

Making Social Media Work for you

You won’t get any quality traffic on social media sites if you use it purely for advertising and selling. You must use your web page to help people and readers. Give information that they have been longing to know. Most social media can be the most powerful way to generate quality massive traffic if you know how to do it right.

Social Media Tips and Techniques

Post high quality and interesting content that people will want to read and share

Update your social media profile and post relevant links to your site

Make social media posts continuous and appealing so that readers can keep the interest

Use social media to teach

Open your web page on more multiple social networks and post regularly

Keep in mind, social networks should not be employed directly for advertising

Quality Guest Blogging

Most people will be amazed to search guest blogging on this list. Google penalized websites which were using guest posting for the wrong reasons.

But, when guest posting is done right it’s not a black hat technique. If your main target of guest posting is to find a backlink then that’s where the problem begins. However, if you follow the best guest blogging guidelines mentioned below, you will see an improvement in your website rankings and online reputation.

Important Rules on Guest Blogging

Create valuable, interesting and high quality posts

Look for authority and relevant websites to post on

Assure you look at the writing style of the blog you want to write for

Look for good blogs which have authority ranking

When guest blogging, always write your best. People will start searching and following you after reading your article.