3 Black Hat Methods that Rule the SERPs in 2014


The rivalry between black hat and white hat techniques has been going on for years now. These methods have been around since the beginning of SEO. It seems they aren’t outdated. On the contrary, they have been carefully lingered around the SEO world and seem to be productive even in 2014.

  1. Parasite Hosting

This method refers to employing SEO techniques that revolve around generating pages on high authority domains that rank well in Google. These pages point to a particular site they like to promote, increasing their rank, based on the host’s ranking. Basically, they get some of the attention the parasite site gets to love its already earned authority in Google. Another fact about parasite hosting is that the owner of the host has no idea about this, and the page was made without his knowledge.

  1. Google Bombing

It needs to be detailed from the starting that it’s not as life threatening as it seems, and you won’t see any explosions on your screen. The first time this term was mentioned was in 2001, by Adam Mathes. But since its first appearances, it somewhat went from being a form of trick to a form of increasing pages onto the first positions of Google page. It seems black hat SEOs can still use this method by practicing consistent anchor text when linking.

Numerous black hat SEO’s employ automated software to create massive links on lots of sites, blogs, forums and web directories. These types of tools make spamming more effective but only for short period of time. These types of methods won’t work on the long term, since Google exerted more effort into creating an algorithm that determines and dissolves such link schemes proficiently.

  1. Cloaking & Redirects

By crawling your website, the Google Bot scans your website and validates the data to be indexed and displayed in the search results. A website is considered to be using cloaking when it displays one page to the search engine spiders and another page to the users that click on the link from the SERPs. You can sometimes see yourself clicking on links only to know that they have little to do with the description displayed in search results. Typically, those that are using cloaking and redirect strategies create multiple pages, all optimized for a certain topic using specific keywords.

Parasite hosting and his closest cousins Google Bombing, Cloaking and Redirects are among the select types of black hat methods that are still being used successfully in 2014.