Why Google Website Ranking Is Important?


Are you thinking about your Google website rankings?

Many website owners don’t know how to find out how high or low they rank with Google even if they know that this is fairly important. To know your rank, it is highly recommended that you check your Google website ranking at Google’s ranking website. The said website will be able to help you check how far you have come in the past months or even years.

Those who are new with search engine optimization are lost about what Google website ranking is. There are lots of techniques and methods to help improve website rankings. One is put the right keywords in the right places. Second is to know how many times you should repeat a targeted keyword.

The definition of Google website ranking is simple. It is the rank or position of your website on Google. Unlike in other search engines, optimizing your website are one method to rank higher in Google. You don’t need to pay for anything to be in the first page of search engine because you only have to depend on organic searches to be on the first rank. The more experienced you are, the higher your Google website ranking will be.

Back when the internet is not yet as advanced as it is now, search engines were not able to find out which websites and articles did keyword stuffing. Today however, keyword stuffing and link spamming will no longer help you in increasing your ranking.

You can’t do this anymore though because search engines now check articles to determine if they make sense or not. According to SEO experts, the key here is to intricately include the main keywords in sentences that actually make sense.

Other tools and methods

Apart from using the right targeted keywords and putting them in right places, there are other tools or methods you can use to rank higher than your competition.

One method is to link with high quality websites. There’s no software that can do this for you though, so you have to do it manually. This is definitely time consuming because you would have to email lots of website owners and ask them to link with you. Out of maybe a hundred websites, only a few will answer back to your request but that’s alright because you have to start somewhere right?

One thing that you must assure of however is to tell them you love the content of their website and then ask them if they would be interested in linking with your site. This is what SEO experts call a link exchange. Webmasters and website owners are not forced to respond to your emails though because if they don’t want to link with your website, you really can’t do anything about it.

What SEO Methods Still Effectively Works in 2014

SEO Optimize

SEO really changed a lot during recent years because of the increasingly dynamic stance taken by Google. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update have greatly changed the SEO game leaving web marketers thinking about the currently most effective SEO methods. So what technique and approaches still work in 2014? This is what we will be looking at in this article.

Quality Content

The web will not be discovered or noticed that it exists if there is was no content and thus quality content will always be important when it comes to ranking your web business in major search engines especially in Google. You have to make sure that all your content are well-written, informative and do important value to your page visitors and targeted audience. Google is apparently interested to give a great user experience and it is your responsibility to make sure that the content on your website is interesting and useful to the visitors.

Back Links Still Work

Google algorithm still depends on links to rank websites and it is only the method you use to get those links that need to be changed. Gone are the days where you could hundreds or even thousands of links on blog networks or on some useless sites. Doing this will leave you open to the dreaded message in webmasters tool. Assure that other webmasters link to your site naturally and not through methods that Google really love to hate.

Social Signal

It is considered that Google is placing more and more importance on social signals. So it might be relevant that you have right social media presence and that you make it easy for your page visitors and targeted audience to share your content on the social media profiles. Be sure that you having sharing buttons to the major social media sites and that you update your social media pages habitually.

User experience

As aforementioned above, it is crucial that you give right attention to your visitors experience on your website. You have to pay attention to your bounce rate metrics and the amount of time spent on your website. You might also want to guarantee that your website loads quickly as this is a factor that Google takes into consideration when it comes to ranking a website and establishing an online presence.

Though, there have been so many changes in the SEO world during recent times, SEO are still the best and most effective methods when it comes to generating quality traffic for your business website. The secret is to know what works and what not in 2014. You should not trust everything that is on the web and assure that you test each and every method and make your own conclusions.

The Importance of SEO Rankings for Web Businesses

SEO Marketing

Creating a small business on the web would no longer be a problem in today’s online marketing age. But, if your website’s ranking isn’t high and reliable, it might be difficult for you to survive when it comes to today’s cutthroat competition. Rankings that search engine especially in Google happen to be very important. Unless your website is listed as a normally visited one, you chances of getting ROI will be lessened. But, the majority of web developers concentrates on visual appeal and totally ignores an important aspect: website ranking.

SEO methods have to be taken into consideration with regards to web design. In truth, great SEO methods have the ability to improve your business by building lots of traffic. When getting your newly launched website ready, or when making your website friendlier for Google, you need to follow several basic techniques.

To start, you must add alt tags along with images, video or flash. The algorithms of search engines are also classy. They are only able to decode the webpage’s text. When it comes to search engines, images, videos or flash are simply art that can’t read text writing in photos. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get the help of experienced website designing SEO services.

But if you add alt tags, it could show text descriptions that can also be added onto HTML codes. The video will then be transformed into a product that can be recognized and read by search engines. You should be able to see a navigation bar near the very top or at the left side of your home page to help you browse through the website. This area would still need improvement, however, and you would need to optimize the website. Generally, ‘home’ refers to the website’s main homepage.

Everybody knows the advantages that come with SEO methods; but, they don’t understand that when used effectively, business operations could change significantly. When talking to website designers about these websites, SEO details can also be integrated.

One web design SEO company assures all of this and much more. The services that this particular company of web designing uses include designs that are SEO friendly and the creation of free logo designs and brand identity. This company obeys guidelines that are detailed by regular W3c designing and its turnaround time doesn’t take longer than a week. If clients happen to meet any problems, it would be simply for them to ask for certain changes. Website designers that work for this company are highly skilled and assure that every website is perfect. The majority of websites are put to use as tools of effective online marketing, which it uses as an image to project on the websites. You should speak with the web designers, to have them comply with any personal requirements and needs.

The Big 3 Changes in SEO


The world of SEO is in constant observation from changes made by the major search engines especially Google. With Google recently turning to even manual penalties to control spamming, SOE experts now expect changes every time they are online. The constant changes have also resulted to the spread of different rumors, even fuelling speculations of the death of SEO. People with experience in the field will know that coffins for SEO have been predicted at earlier times too and just like every time, SEO disavowed to die. But, there have been a few important changes in the way SEO works, especially after the Hummingbird update and the war on Spam Links.

The top 3 ways in which SEO has primarily changed over the years have been examined below.

Link Building

Some of the most extreme changes that have happened are in the ways that backlinks are created. In the earlier days, inbound links were placed manually by the SEO professionals. The links were supposed to be placed at the authority websites only. But, since the number of links have a direct bearing on the PageRank in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), the SEO’s were soon interested and attracted to use the unethical ways of building links everywhere they could! To make matters worse, software engineers joined the game and structured programs that could place links automatically, taking the link building game to a whole new level. Google responded early in 2014 and imposed heavy penalties on such cases.


Keywords are the major structure of contention between SEO executives and content writers. Any writer worth his/her salt felt strange every time the language suffered because of the demands of the keywords. Hummingbird came to the rescue with its capability to predict the search phrase. With the attention changing from the density of the keywords to the interest shown by the readers and visitors, writers now write for the users and no longer for the search engine’s bots. SEO now targets optimizing the content for real people and not for the spiders and crawlers.

Primary Traffic Sources

In the initial period of eCommerce, the majority of the traffic was achieved from the search engines. Therefore, the first page of the major search engines especially Google became holy land for SEO and they stopped at nothing from targeting it. The popularity of social media platforms changed the scenario and the new methods bring a major share of the traffic from them. There is no longer a requirement of putting all the eggs in the same basket.

The above are the 3 major ways in which the techniques, used by the SEO services, have been affected by the changes made by the search engines.

Online Marketing Trends You Should Take Note OFF

Online Marketing Trend

The online world as we know is constantly changing. Software or strategies that we used 5 years ago might not be applicable in today’s online marketing world.

Thus, it is important to keep abreast with the latest updates and resources in order for your online business to grow and expand.

Here are the 5 online marketing techniques that you must pay attention to if you want to create a long-term and successful business.

Below are 5 online marketing trends that you should really pay attention to if you want to create a long term successful business.

1. Content Marketing

Yes, content is STILL the king. It has been on the most effective online marketing techniques lists since 2012. Content marketing is a marketing method which uses content such as blogs, images, videos, eBooks and webinars to lure and engage highly targeted potential customers.

2. Social Media

Social media was big in 2013 and it continues to be on the spotlight this year. The importance of social media is to help you connect with your customers and reach out to wider targeted audiences beyond your wildest dream. But, it doesn’t mean that you can always achieve this objective for free. As stated in Facebook, “the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.” Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all have their paid promotion program. Google+ has followed the suit. Therefore, it is better to consider social media marketing as you plan for your social media marketing in 2014.

3. Go Mobile

The latest smartphone growth shows that 91% of all people on earth have a smartphone. Fifty percent of mobile phone users use their smartphones as main internet source. As of June 2013, Nielsen reported that 61% of smart phone users use smart phones in the USA. The growth is more than 10% from 2012.

4. Be Visual

Attractive images are indeed “eye candy.” The increasing popularity of image sharing site like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest proves it again and again the power and viral potential of image-based content. Jayson DeMers considered this as one of the top online marketing methods in 2014. He said,

“Successful blog posts that receive the most social shares also usually have a common characteristic: they pepper in some well-placed pictures to break content up and emphasize certain points. Another example is infographics, which combine images with a minimal amount of text to explain a topic and provide statistical information or data from research studies.”

When you write a blog post, you must use one of two interesting pictures to make you content more interesting.

5. Video Marketing

Since 2012, more and more business owners and online marketers have been using videos to promote and market their products and services as well as create free quality traffic.

How to Properly Increase Website Rankings?



How to improve rankings is probably one of the most common questions in the online marketing world. Most people who start in online marketing believe that setting up a website is the first step of becoming a successful marketer. But, that is very far from the truth. While creating a website is definitely a very important step, the most important part to becoming an effective as an online marketer is to get people to look at your website, to get a targeted audience, who is interested in what you have to offer to visit your website, and thus increasing your website ranking.

Here are a few tips you have to consider if you want to increase website ranking.

• Choose the right market. If you want your business website to get high website ranking you need to get into the right market. Like for example if you get into the “Different Types of Luxury Cars” market and you write about fashion, you may not get near as many visitors as if you were in the “Automotive” market.

• Get your on-page factors right. If you want search engines like Google to inform that your website is relevant to a certain topic, you need to make sure that your keyword or key phrase is well optimize. For instance, if your website is about bags, your URL, the title, the description, and the header, ALL need to have the word “bags” in it.

• Work on off-page factors. There are various off-page factors, but in truth you can really help one of them, and that is the back links to your site. Back links to your site are references to your site from other places in the web. For example, let say that you wrote something about Cute Bags and Annie found your article because she was looking for Cute Bags. Since she was so fascinated with your content, she decided to bookmark it using Twitter. So now your website has one backlink. The more backlinks you get, the higher your website ranking will be and the quicker you will boost website traffic.

• Make your content relevant. If you are telling Google that your web business is about balloons by configuring your on-page factors properly, and you write or post about computer software, the possibility of you getting a high rank on to that page is very slim. Write about something that is going to be informative and useful to your target audience.

• Add unique, fresh and new content regularly. If your business website hasn’t been updated in 3 years, yet your competitors’ websites get updated daily, chances are they will be raking more quality traffic. They are the one who will achieve high website rankings not you. Remember, Google LOVES fresh, new, original content.


How to Properly Build Links in 2014

How to Build Links

With the recent system updates of Google Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, SEO id more complex than ever before. With penalties even with the most popular websites in the world, and the constant fall in the prominence of PageRank, outdated methods of SEO have always come under the scanner. While many techniques and approaches have gone outdated already, others are dreaded because of their possible negative result. Link building is one such technique that is under strict surveillance of the Penguin. But, this should be seen as good opportunity and not a threat. This is because it is still one of the more important and effective way to rank your website higher. If executed properly, it can be an excellent way to achieve competitive edge over the other websites in your niche market. The following are the few things webmasters and SEO experts need to know so that they can do better in increasing their website ranking and establishing online reputation.

Don’t Ignore Link Building

Some webmasters think that building back links can provoke the Penguin to penalize a website and so it can and should be replaced altogether by other methods. Wrong. As said by a latest study, link building is still the most effective way to rank higher in major search engine especially Google. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam stated that “Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover (how relevant or important somebody is) and maybe, over time, social or authorship or other types of markup will give us a lot more information about that.”

Avoid Link Schemes

It is important to know the difference link building and link schemes so that you can avoid any further problems. With Google busting on link scheme after the other, it is crucial to know what you need to completely shun. The following are the checklist of all the things that back to link scheme, not link building:

Buying or selling links

Linking only for the reason of give-and-take

Using services that build link automatically to your page

Building a link network just to create links

Spending on articles that create links

Writing press releases with optimized targeted keywords

Links that make no sense in the article

Linking to irrelevant and unrelated websites

Focus on Relevance, Quality and Social Media

Building quality and relevant links and getting relevance through right link building and authority is the most effective way to be on the first page of Google and other search engines. Focus on interesting and quality content marketing and social media popularity.

There are a number of new algorithms and changes in the older ones. Various services have been implemented and many old services will terminated with time but the good old traditional SEO methods will always remain evergreen.

Effective Online Marketing Techniques to Achieve Good Website Results

SEO effective marketing strategy

For the small business owners and web marketers, it is important to look for the best online marketing methods in 2014 for the sake of being ahead of the competitors in the market. We are living in the world, which is powered by the internet and it is strongly suggested to keep up with the information technology. The business world is not untouched with this technology as the small business owners keep searching the best online marketing technique to attract customer’s attention through online resources. The online platform don’t go around a single medium, thus they have to keep abreast with the latest online marketing methods.

Here are the best online marketing techniques that need to be followed in 2014 in order to get positive results:

• Content marketing takes a big shape

In the recent years, we have seen that companies have achieved success with the help of informative and relevant information about their company, work, team and etc. They don’t depend just on the web content as they also share content on social media, publish articles, provide case studies, post videos and blogs to attract the customers. Today, the content becomes bigger as compares to the past years.

• Marketing through social media is diversified

Every business knows the value of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. Aside from these websites, other social channels such as Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Livejournal are growing their wings in terms of online marketing.

• Making right use of the mobile technology

It is one of the best methods for online marketing. You need to use the personalized web design and a website theme, which can be optimized when the page user access it through their smartphone devices. The reason behind it is that most of the people browse the web through their mobiles. That’s why they want their website to have user-friendly navigation and appearance on their mobile device.

• Use of different content avenues

If you really want to go along with a marketing strategy, which really impresses your customers, then you must use different ways of the content. Make sure that you use the combination of graphics, video, text, audio, social media, data and image-centric content. And, make your content informative and catchy instead of keeping it dull and basic, but too much stuff must be avoided as it may complicate the customers.

These were the best online marketing techniques that are being employed by the business people and are likely to remain in the years to come. With these points, it becomes clearer that new and quality content and social media channels will be the most effective tool for achieving better users’ engagement. Therefore, adopt these improving marketing trends to own a successful business.

2014 Best SEO Marketing Techniques to Use


Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult online markets to master if you a service provider is the Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The information and system algorithms are allays changing and making the whole way you rank for search engine places completely different. The techniques and tools you use, the incoming trends and the little corner cutting methods to boost your SEO rank is all something that SEO professional has to learn

If you either provide SEO, or contemplating about offering SEO, or need some SEO work for your business website, then you have to determine what the expected SEO trends are with regards to SEO which help you grow and expand your business, whether that is by getting the quality traffic or by improving service quality to a completely new level.

The following are the SEO marketing trends in 2014 that you must consider in order to grow your business:

Content Management

It is important now, since the change in algorithms over the last few years, to have quality and interesting content. Previously, poor content with no real flow or explanation could pass good backlinks if it was full of keywords and links. Now, this isn’t the case. You are projected to give your users quality, unique content which can give them useful information while building appropriate inbound links in moderation.

ROI and Backlinks

When building quality backlinks across the web, there is more to it than pinning your name across the whole web. Linking a fashion website on a wrestling forum is going to do you very little favor in term of ROI. Solid, high quality backlinks also offer you with better website rankings on major search engines, Alexa and similar websites.

Page Ranking

Page rankings are very important part of the website business. Small business owners and web marketers are extremely mindful of their PageRank. A pagerank is a rating given to your website concerning its quality and how useful and relevant the information on the website is. In 2013, this is changing to an ‘Author Rank’ and an ‘Agent Rank’. This means that your website will be bases on the quality of the whole page, and this decides on the overall ranking of your business website. This means that when hiring high quality writers, you need to make sure that you are talking with quality, dedicated and experienced writers to assure your content is well-optimized and interesting.

SEO is more important than ever to the website’s health and their activity. With a strong online presence, you can establish a powerful and reliable part of your web business which brings in more targeted clients on auto-pilot and can build an extremely valuable part of your business that you hardly even have to work with.

3 Ways to Adapt and Change to Grow Your Business in 2014

grow your business

There are changes that you can make in your web business to allow it grow and expand for years to come.

1. You need to make a change from interrupt marketing. This is where we interrupt a prospect and push an offer in front of them. With all the interruptions you get today ranging from smartphone, social media, computers, televisions, instant message and the list goes on, it is hard to focus when someone pushes a business offer in front of us. No too long ago when someone called us it was almost a break to speak to someone about an offer but today it is just too disturbing. I think that if we change from this form of marketing we will see clear changes. So what do we do instead?

2. We get back to establishing solid business relationships. It sounds so easy but where do you do this and what about if you like to work from your office or your home without venturing off into the city? Well here is the answer it is called putting yourself in front of your targeted audience so they can see and notice you. One technique is by using social media. There are lots of social networking sites that can be employed for connecting and creating relationships. You must make connection then establish a little credibility and if done right people will asking you what you do and that is where you can present your products or services. Another way is search marketing. This is where you get notice on the search engines and is usually referred to as SEO. When people and targeted audience search for a business, product or service they often go straight to the computer and search in what they are looking for. If your business appears on the first page of search engines chances are you will start to receive calls from them.

3. Now this step is very crucial because it is the missing link that will get people trusting you when you connect with them on social media and they see you with search engine marketing. This would be to make yourself an authority source. Create an article like this one, create a blog, video or whatever else you can do to build trust and get people to feel comfortable with you. When most people discover about social media and search marketing they seem to ignore the most important part and that is assuring you are very visible and people can learn about you. It is hilarious how we are in society because without number 3 we see these people on our social media posting message after message saying buy now, buy now and please buy now. By skipping on number 3 we find ourselves going right back to interrupt marketing.