15 Important Online Reputation Management Tips You Should Know

Online Reputation Management

According to Andy Beal of Search Engine Watch, online reputation management should be an important part of business’s marketing strategy.

There’s no protection from getting hatreds, bad reputations, but there are lots of effective way to evade them. As a reputation management professional, Andy Beal currently shared 15 tips and techniques for proactively handling your business’s online reputation:

  1. Avoid making provocative comments in an interview because your personal and corporate standings are considered as one.
  2. Don’t bring your personal life into the online world, like for example, you are posting personal tweets and Facebook post as your offline and online worlds are one and the same.
  3. Face the core cause of problems rather thanhiding or disregarding them, which could lead you in a bad light.
  4. Don’t boast in your posts. If a famous person reposts it, your private thoughts/activities become open for everyone to see, read and know.
  5. You must always conduct yourself because anything you act and say could be made public and will be adjudged.
  6. You must train your employees on your reputation management plan. Inform them what your targets are because theirvisions will imitate on you.
  7. Becautious of what you post of tweet because what you say mirrors your business and you could get axed.
  8. Hire the right people for your social networking accounts, especially those who will use the important account and not post anything damaging online
  9. You must think of your target audience when posting or tweeting, as your message could be attacking to some people.
  10. You should always be active and online by using social media monitoring tools, where someone can be communicatedwhen mentions from customers arrive outside of business hours.
  11. Don’t forget to carefully review the tweets and posts to eludeinconsistencies in business matters or rude comments coinciding with major world events such as earthquake and tsunami.
  12. Don’t capitalize on dark occasions. Just post good and natural post on the day.
  13. NEVER trash talk –whether it’s true or false about your business and competitors. You get penalized or get a bad reputation from your rivals.
  14. Build a great service or product beforeintroducingit to the public. A good first impression will create a good lasting reputation for your business, products or services.
  15. Don’t lie about anything, because in time the truth will eventuallyprevail.